LCD Wall Mount (ABK-306)

Ksh 3,995/=

    Top Highlights

  • 5 in 1 Kit
  • Flat
  • 26" - 47"
  • Tilt

Full Description

Digital TV

Mount your stylish television screen on the wall and accentuate your space with Armco TV wall mount.

Get the perfect angles and levels to maximize your viewing experience, custom made to suit your preference.

Maximize your Space

Placing the TV on a piece of furniture is not very practical.

You will need to find yourself a suitable table, home entertainment stand or object to place under the screen.

This table will undoubtedly take up more space in your living area.

Optimal Viewing Angle

Mounting your TV on the wall is not done arbitrarily.

There is an optimal viewing angle for maximizing your viewing experience.

The height chosen is meant to achieve an optimal viewing angle when watching the television.

This is important to ensure you won’t develop neck or eye strain from watching at the wrong height.

It also ensures you are enjoying the full capability of your high definition screen.